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Welcome to my site, The Forever Dog Parent!

How can anyone not keep a dog for life?  Look at that face!  I hope that you enjoy your visit and that you will find the information beneficial and useful.  This site is to encourage dog parents to keep their dogs for life and to learn what is involved in caring for your dog.  To be a forever dog parent means to love our dog companions through all the stages of life right to the end.

I Take This Very Personally Because…. I am now the parent of three huskies.

This takes much planning and commitment for years to come. So, even before you buy from a breeder, adopt from a shelter or a rescue organization, make sure that you are ready.  This involves committing to all the needs of the dog from exercise, nutrition, training, vet costs, careful consideration of dog accessories and toys and most importantly love, love and more love.   

We are all concerned as to how to keep our dogs healthy and active.  We also want to know the best way to give them the healthiest and longest life span.  A happy and healthy dog means a happy master.  To achieve in providing all the needs for our dog companion takes much thought and can involve many categories.


I look forward to your visiting the rest of my pages.  Keep returning as more pages with great information and opportunities to learn what you can find for your best friend.




10 thoughts on “The Forever Dog Parent

  1. Linda

    Hi Jen,
    I love the premise of your site. I am very much a forever dog parent with 2 little Shelties that are my kids. I am always focused on their welfare and interested in any tips to improve their health and longevity. I’ll look forward to reading your posts!

    1. Hello Linda,

      Thank you for your nice comment. I love Shelties, too.
      Your heart is surly in the right place and these dogs are
      so fortunate to be with you. I shall do my best to provide
      more valuable information in the near future.

      Keep Enjoying being a forever dog parent.


  2. Darin

    Your website is really nice. Great content, heart felt and well written. I love the pictures. And you had them placed well throughout the pages.

    A couple of things: Your “Accessory’s for dogs” and your review page didn’t open. I’m sure you know this.

    You need to put your email and website in your “Privacy Policy” page.

    This last one is just for a comfort to the reader. Add a little more white space between paragraphs. It makes it easier to read. I sometimes loose my place and this would help.

    Best wishes,


    1. Dear Darin,
      Thank you for reminding me to make these changes.
      It’s obvious that you read my site thoroughly and
      and thank you for that.
      I have made the changes in hopes that it’s all done correctly.

      Thank you for liking my site and the true encouragement.

      Keep being successful.

  3. I love the premise of “forever dog parent”
    I own a mixed breed that I rescued when she was 4 months. She is now almost 9 years old and has been an ESA for 8 years, goes everywhere with me, together 24 hrs a day. We have that special dog human bond. Do you believe in that? I do.
    Having a dog as a life partner is a great experience and a responsibility at the same time!

    1. Hello Denis,

      Thank you for your touching reply. It’s so encouraging to
      learn about the relationships of other pet parents. I was not
      aware of the ESA category of dogs until you shared your story.
      I thought that it was the same as a service dog.
      Your dog is very fortunate to be in your care. I’m sure that
      she enjoys caring for you, too.
      I hope that she lives another 9 years. And that is possible!
      Keep you and your dog smiling.

  4. Jen, one post you might like to do, if you haven’t already, is about being ready for a pooch is about getting a dog for your children. All parents must remember that often children move on to other interests and the dog becomes theirs. So they must prepare themselves carefully too as the responsibility transfers to them.

    A friend of mine, Faye, rescued a Borzoi. The previous owners, who had bought the dog for the kids, were very wealthy and made sure they kept up with the dog trend of the year. So they took the dog to a kennel and told the lady who ran it that they didn’t want the dog anymore but would pay for kennel fees for ever. They then got a new dog that was flavour of the month.

    What a laugh, keeping a dog like that in a pen for the rest of its life. Faye went to a dog show and got to speaking with the lady about Borzois as she had one earlier in life. The story was told and Faye went home with the dog. She has a lovely small farm and the dog went bananas when it was first let out to run.

    Oh well the story had a happy dog ending.


    1. Thank you Helen,
      I shall put that topic on my to do list.
      This is very helpful in giving me a variety of
      topics and ideas to write about.

      It’s very sad how so many pets are not cared for
      and just placed in any environment. When I see families
      with children and puppies it makes me wonder if that
      dog is going to be fortunate enough to spend a lifetime
      with that family.
      People don’t have the same mentality as I do. Call me “crazy”
      but that’s my way of thinking.
      I won’t even give up my dogs if it means living outside!
      They are my children.
      I really appreciate your comment and the happy dog ending story.
      I look forward to staying in touch with you.

      I like you,

  5. Frisco

    I just may join! You have a great way of explaining it.
    Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

    1. I look forward to seeing you soon, Frisco!

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