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Hi! My name is Jeannine  I am known as Jen within the Wealthy Affiliate from which I learned how to build this website.  This site is still a work in progress.  It brings me great pleasure to share with you my interest in the wonderful world of being a forever pet parent.  And if you wish to know how I managed to build this site click here .  I will tell you my story.

Since my first two dogs Gonzo 14 and Arctic 16 are no longer with me, I now have 3 young huskies, Alaska 1year old, Arctica 10 months and Meeko 5 months.



A Little History

Pets were always in the family from the day I can remember.  In my childhood we always had that I would bring home in very bad shape.  My mother would help me nurse these cats back to health and sometimes there was some vet costs that she would cover.  Once they were well I would find them a forever home and some we kept.  I’m a true cat lover and never dreamed that I would get involved with dogs until the year 2000.  My journey with dogs began in the year 2000 and it totally influenced my direction of interest and then evolved into a passion to help people with their dogs.



A long awaited business goal

Arctic The Boss

As my first two dogs Gonzo and Arctic aged, they began to develop some minor issues which had me doing much research in the health and wellness field.  Sadly my Shepherd Lab, Gonzo passed away in 2014 leaving my Husky, Arctic behind who was also the same age.  Then one fine day I was invited to take a course in laser and massage therapy for K9’s.  After completing the course I took on the course for Equine which I am still currently studying.



Two More years with Arctic

Arctic was a real mentor for me at this point.  He was very lonely and was affected by the loss of his companion.  Then he became more himself once again after 4 months.  I was very close to this beautiful boy and named my business after him.I finally created a mobile service called Arctic Therapy.  



I built my free website www.arctictherapy4pets.wix.com/laser, bought a van and had a wrap put on it and began marketing the laser and massage service.  This service is about giving therapy to dogs in their home.  I studied more courses on health and wellness for canines and joined several online seminars.  I plan to continue updating my knowledge.       



A Sad Time

My Forever Huskies

Then in May 20, 2016 my Arctic passed away.  My business went on hold for almost 6 months.  I only gave therapy to a few regulars.  Right now it’s still very difficult to put this on my profile but it’s a fact of life. I promised that I would continue remembering my Arctic and help as many dogs as possible. Now I am back on track.  After a short time we brought home a baby husky and now have 3.  Alaska,  Arctica, and Meeko.  I don’t know how to live without dogs.



Another Goal

Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate because it allows me to set the ultimate goal in my therapy business.  Volunteering my services to dog rescue organizations if I had another income would be a dream come true.  Learning with Wealthy Affiliate on how to monetize a website is where I am beginning this goal.   This will also help me to improve my Arctic Therapy 4 Pets site as well.  This is the reason why my WA website is geared for dogs and I wish to share and help dog parents to have a happy healthy journey together.  If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate click here.

I hope my site will be helpful to many of you with repeated visits as I will be continually adding subjects and pages and making this site grow with valuable knowledge.   Please feel free to comment because it is a way to bring attention to other very important points and prompts new valuable topics.  Give your suggestions and ask questions.  I look forward to your visits.


Founder of The Forever Dog Parent



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