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My name is Jeannine Belliveau but everyone in WA addresses me by Jen.
I’m very glad that you are interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate
which is owned by two people named Kyle and Carson.  They put together
a most genius platform where you can learn how to build successful online business.                     You can learn the truth about how to build a successful online business,
how to build and optimize a website, how to monetize a website, and all the functions
that make it work.  Best of all you will gain the opportunity to work at home.



It’s Free to experience the first lesson!

The program is organized in such a way that walks you through step by step using
visual tutorial lessons (Videos) to build a website.   You will learn the functions
of the website and how you can have full control of how it looks and all its contents.

And it’s free to start!  Prices are based on US dollars.  After your session which ends in 7 days you have the opportunity to go premium for $19 for your first whole month.  The following months are $49.  The yearly plan saves you 39% which is $359.


How Do I know That It’s Not A Scam?

scam is when money is taken from a person and there is no return.  At the same time there is much misguidance involved as the victim only realizes after it’s too late.   These scams keep themselves hidden or hard to reach and at the same time arousing curiosity in hopes that the victim will pay a fee.

With Wealthy Affiliate you get a the free 7 day trial.  Regardless of your decision after the 7 days you have gained valuable free knowledge from the 10 lessons and had complete access to the platform as the premium members.  That is a return of valuable knowledge!


Extra Reassurance that I am Real

Click here to learn more about me.



My View about Wealthy Affiliate

I know that this opportunity is realistic because I’ve communicated with several people who were excited about their first experience in their website showing a step toward success.  I also associate with those who are generating an income as well.  This is an encouraging community because all the different stages of progress is exposed either through reading the profiles of members or through chatting with them.  It’s “REAL.”

This is a sure way to learn how to create an income whether as a full time, part time living, a supplement or for retirement.  Without this program, I would not have managed to come this far with my forever dog parent site. I tried to build a site with what I now know was a “scam” and it wasted my time and money.

Now I am able to enjoy and learn at the same time while building a site with WordPress.   It’s about time and it was worth the patience in searching, hoping and waiting for a possible opportunity like this.  The only secrets here are the ones which will be revealed to you by Wealthy Affiliate.



There is a library containing a countless number of additional tutorials available anytime.
This program provides all the tools needed to successfully build and operate a website
without ever having to search for more elsewhere.


It’s Free To Sign Up

The best way to learn about Wealthy Affiliate is to try it for Zero Cost.  Yes, you read
correctly, it is Free!  Wealthy Affiliate has a Starter Lesson which allows you to build a
website for free.   This allows you to decide if this platform is for you without any loss.


A sneak preview of Level 1

Level 1 has 10 free lessons which will give you the opportunity to find if you are ready for success in the online business field.  Here are the topics.


This free starter allows you to experience fully of what Premium offers.
What I found so valuable about this starter course is that I learned more from this first
lesson than I did from my course which I paid close to $2000 three years ago.  I also lost a few thousand dollars on another online scheme that I tried because they used a trusted celebrity to endorse their product.  A huge fee was required in order to have more help and it was nowhere near being detailed like Wealthy Affiliate.  They also put a deadline on their courses so you couldn’t go back on them.


Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can take all the time you need to learn with the freedom of going back to review as many times as you need.  You can relax, enjoy and absorb what you learn and then apply your knowledge with confidence and with a huge population of help within the community.

The video tutorials are very student friendly and when I have questions there is always help from the community and the resources.  My questions are always satisfied.
The Wealthy Affiliate lesson One was enjoyable which gave me the desire to continue the program by going Premium.


No Up-scaling

Premium is the only existing level of membership.  There is only one price except for the discount opportunities offered.  This is a fantastic feature as you know right away where you stand with no extra costs or surprises.  The Free Premium Trial is 100% of what you enter when you go Premium!


The Wealthy Affiliate Community

This feature stood out the most for me because of the limitless access to communicating with as many members as you wish.  I have become very acquainted with a particular group of helpful sincere members.  I have become personally attached to these people and enjoy connecting with them daily with even just a “hello” if I’m on the run.

You will have the privilege of chatting with the most experienced and expert people in this field. You can ask questions and get answers from different persons which give such a clear understanding.  Everyone is there to help one another to advance their goals.  The kindness and dedication of these people are something I’ve never experienced anywhere else.  There is no advertising or promoting on the community platform thus everyone volunteers valuable information to help each other succeed.  You will only gain knowledge by signing up to try it.


The Certification Course

  • Getting Started – Level 1
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – Level 2
  • Making Money – Level 3
  • Mastering Social Engagement – Level 4
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Level 5


Signing Up For Free

After you sign up you will be prompted to create a profile.  It’s very important that you insert a profile picture of whatever you are comfortable with.

Once you are all setup you may then start your level one Certification lesson which will be the green button on the left.

It will also be beneficial to start chatting with the community.  Introduce yourself and I guarantee that you will get warm welcomes with offers to help.  Sign up here.


Wealthy Affiliate also has Classrooms.

  • Getting Started
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming




  • Starting Your Foundation – PHASE 1
  • Content, Keywords, and Conversions – PHASE 2
  • Giving Your Site Social Value – PHASE 3
  • Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get A Brand Through Media – PHASE 4
  • Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals – PHASE 5
  • Bing, Yahoo, & The Power Of PPC – PHASE 6
  • How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns


I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate.  I shall take every opportunity to help you through all your questions.  I shall do my best to help you because your success is very important to me and I am a huge believer in “Paying It Forward”.

Now my first step of paying it forward is by sharing with you the same opportunity that I found.

Please join me.  Hope to see you on the other side!







4 thoughts on “About Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Stephen

    Hello Jen,
    Thanks for given us this valuable information about how to receive training online and make money out of it. I really love to do some business ONLINE, but because of internet SCAMS I always hold back from trying anything online.

    So I really appreciate the fact that Wealthy Affiliate which you recommended have a FREE starter membership. I would like to try it and see.

    But can you let me no if their starter membership is available to all countries? Because I know that most ONLINE jobs that are free are not for all countries.

    I would appreciate your reply.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Jen

      Hello Stephen

      I really appreciate your message! I can tell you this that Wealthy Affiliate covers most countries. If you do tell me what country you are from, I could verify this for you. It would be absolutely fantastic to have you join this exciting journey. I guarantee you that this is not a scam. First reason being is that this plan does not ask for any money for you to experience how Wealthy Affiliate operates. Also, when you sign up you will be in connection with me and many others.

      The beauty about Wealthy Affiliate is that everything is visual so that you can see that everything and everyone is real. We can’t touch each other with our hands but we sure touch each other with our hearts.

      I look forward to your reply and do let me know your location



  2. Jacob Schilling

    Hi Jen, I myself have been a premium member of wealthy affiliate for about a year and it really has been an eye-opening experience for me as I have come to learn what affiliate marketing is all about. I would recommend for anyone to give the free membership a go to see if this is for them.

    1. Jen

      Yes, I agree.  Thank you for your comment.

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