Homemade Dog Recipe

Learn More about Pressure Cookers as this is the primary method I use for various reasons!


Using the Electric Pressure Cooker   





Chicken Stew for you and your Dog!


Remember that everything here is all human grade.


There is no precise measurement that’s required in most of my recipes.  We don’t get that specific for the important humans, therefore, I take that same path for the dogs.  Because it’s all whole food meaning natural, I believe that it’s high quality for all.


Add 3 cups of water into the pot.

Add natural seasonings:

¼ Turmeric

Tbl parsley

(Optional) Herbs and Seasoning blend powder for taste.

Keep it simple and delicious.

These measurements are approximate.

Gather your favorite vegetables and add to the pot;


6 medium Carrots

3 medium Potatoes optional ( red, golden, white)

1 or 2 small Red peppers (or any color just hot ones)

2 cups Peas

1 cup Corn       yes there is nutrition in whole corn

String beans

Add more vegetables if you wish.  I add according to the capacity of my unit and leave room for the meat.  I use a 6-quart unit but a 9 quart would be better.


Get your choice of Chicken cuts.

Place the chicken at the top and carefully remove the bones after it’s cooked.  Then put the cooked meat back into the stew.  I grind the chicken to have it well dispersed in the stew.

I like pieces with bones as they release the hyaluronic acid from the bones.  This nutrient is good for joints and preventing arthritic issues.

I remove the skin from the chicken.  However, dogs do not process animal fat into cholesterol as we humans do.  But it’s a habit for me.

NOTE:   Never give cooked bones of any kind to your dog as they can splinter and lodge internally which could be painful and require serious medical aid to remove.  


Once everything is in our unit to cook turn on the heat.  And walk away.

If you are using the stove you’ll obviously have to supervise it.


For the electric pressure cooker, I choose the chicken stew mode set at 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes it will take about the same amount of time to decompress.


Learn More About Pressure Cookers

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