Should you buy pet insurance?

What would be an effective financial plan for your pet?    Should you buy pet insurance?  Is pet insurance worth buying?   It’s a very personal decision and depends on the parent’s financial status. Some pets may have obvious needs and that is when pet insurance is worth the money.  Or maybe you can afford it and it just so happened that it was needed.   I had to pick one of two methods which I kept simple.  It was hard for me to accept the monthly payments for 2 dogs even though I got them at 7 weeks old and they seemed to be in very good health.  In 2001 I started a trust fund for my Gonzo and Arctic of saving $25 a month for each dog.  Then I put a few years later I saved $100 each month up to 2016.  It was there for major emergencies and it was there under my control.  Now I can just continue the savings with my 3 huskies.  Sometimes it’s a good decision to save money for your dog as long as we don’t need the money before it’s saved.  Some people rather buy pet insurance and that can be good too especially if the pet has already serious costly health issues.  There’s no right or wrong in my view. 


Be financially proactive

Many people take on the responsibility of owning a dog just to find out later that they are facing unexpected vet costs. Unfortunately, some pet owners will be so overwhelmed that they will either re-home the dog or secretly dump the poor dog.  It’s a very common thing.  People must educate themselves about the possibilities of unexpected and unavoidable vet costs.  Make sure that you can create a financial plan.


A good repore with your veterinarian

In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a financial installment plan with your vet.  Usually, you have to have a well-established relationship.  This is not an option that a vet will agree to with many clients.




The unexpected could happen

First of all, we need to be informed and prepared for the unexpected.  It’s like when we purchase a vehicle whether it’s new or used.  We still know that there are costs for the every day in fuel and then there’s the every 3 months or so of oil changes.  So, we know that the dog needs to be fed daily just like a car needs to run on fuel.  Then the dog needs the yearly shots just like the car needs an oil change.  These are the maintenance that is pretty much routine and expected.  But what about the unexpected such as if the car breaks down and needs a very expensive repair which is not covered

But what about the unexpected such as if the car breaks down and needs a very expensive repair which is not covered under the warranty?  It could cost hundreds of dollars or a few thousand.  Most people will have it saved or use their credit cards. But what about if the dog has a sudden internal illness or injury that may cost hundreds or a few thousand?  Just like a person would not dump their new car at the junk yard nor should a dog be dumped, either.


Pet Insurance

I did some research on pet insurance which is Canadian.  Most insurances are typically the same with some added bonuses and various options.  I went to a site called which gives the 10 best pet insurance in 2017.    Then I chose go pet plan and examined how they work.  This is what I learned.

They have a nice online quote that you can put together your own program.  There are 3 packages from which you can choose from.  I entered all three of my huskies based on the recommended package.

In case you may wish to visit the selection of the site which gives the 10 pet insurance here  Click Here



You can enter more information to further customize this program as well from changing the deductible to buying added coverages.




Available is a calculator which allows you to customize your deductible and reimbursements.


The plan that I would choose has a nice coverage as follows.












With my three huskies, it would be a total of $159.10.  I didn’t customize the program or try the calculator but it looks very easy to understand.



There are many companies out there and it’s just a matter of finding the one which best suits your needs.  There are many guidlines to show you how to buy pet insurance and where to buy pet insurance.  I would definitely contact them and ask questions.  Get a quote emailed to you just like this company offers as well as it has on online chat.  I did try the chat and they are responsive.  It’s good to make sure that they are real.  Do some research on reviews as well.  It’s the best way to know if pet insurance is worth the money.


Save money for your dog.Should you buy pet insurance

Be prepared and consider all your options for caring for your companion dog.

Please leave any comments or suggestions.


4 thoughts on “Should you buy pet insurance?

  1. Vet cost is one area which is easily overlooked by pet owners, it can pile up pretty quickly if your pet has some health issues from the start. A trust fund is really good advice, and it provides a buffer for emergency. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Than you Moon for your reply and support. I learned a lesson
      on health issues with myself so that’s where the trust fund
      idea came from. Now I have one for myself and one for the dogs.

  2. Hi there Jen

    Oh, u absolutely need insurance if your best friend has medical issues. The medical cost for Vet services are very high and add up fast and can and will get really expensive. I really appreciate the info on the various companies, especially the calculator, very handy, thanks.
    Great site btw.


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